The following are examples of client feedback on our work:

“…I am thrilled with (the) high quality, interesting, punctual writing and recommend them without hesitation.  Friendly service and very easy to work with.  Can’t go wrong.”  - Doug, NYC

“Another month where Grantgenies hit the ball out of the park!  I have used them exclusively for my writing needs and will continue to do so.  Always timely, meticulous, responsible, thoughtful and great writers.  All this combined with class and friendliness makes them a real gem.”  - Doug, NYC

“My affiliate manager …. gave me your e-mail.   She said you can write articles on any subject … with perfect English … grammar and punctuation.”  - Serg

“Hey Randy:  These are great.  Just send me an invoice.”  - Pam, Florida

“Thanks Randy.  I really appreciate all you do.”  - Heinz, Utah

“I am putting together another project and will need your superb service soon.  I will definitely contact you again.”  - Brown

“You performed as a true pro. You did what was required and then added a great deal more than what was required.”  - Brown

“As always, you are the best.  Many thanks for the articles.”  - Anna, Cyprus

 “All articles superbly crafted... A big thank you from me for all your hard work and for consistently maintaining a high standard of writing whilst meeting the technical agenda I had tasked you with.”  - Paul, Great Britain 

“This is my fifth project with the Grantgenies team of Randy and Nancy.  During all of my collaborations, [I found] them to be both friendly and professional in their approach and able to follow any project guidelines precisely.  If you require writing to be done to exacting technical requirements, but also with a flair that will entice your readers, Grantgenies will exceed your expectations.  Highly recommended.”  - Doug, NYC

“These are wonderful, Randy!!!”  - Kelly, Utah

“You are the man, Randy.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  - Gary, Florida

“I was talking to our attorney yesterday and he asked me who wrote our last grant.  He was wondering if I could have you contact him … He has quite a few districts he represents.”  - Dick, New York 

“Randy, I look… forward to seeing you at a celebration…”  - Don, New Jersey

“I just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the development of this grant.  This is a wonderful thing for our members and for the health and safety of the firefighters and public at large.”  - Ray, New York

“Thanks again for all your work.  You guys have been great to work with.”  - Todd, New York

“I would like to say thank you in more ways than I can express to you.  I can’t imagine doing this grant without the sincere dedication and caring… through this entire process…We recognize there is no way we could have done it without you…”  - Geoff, New York

“Thanks so much… I loved the narrative…”  - David, New Jersey

“We would like to thank you for your hard work in completing the application for our department.”  - Larry, Pennsylvania

“Randy and Chuck, I want to thank you for all your assistance on all three of the grants you submitted.  They all look great and I feel positive about all of them.  You both did an outstanding job and I commend your for your work.” - Wes, Pennsylvania

“Grantgenies wrote a fantastic article for our magazine.  Not only was it thoroughly researched, but as current events became relevant to the story, Randy skillfully incorporated that into the article.”  - Editor

“Awesome provider.  Exceeds expectations every step of the way.  Highly recommended.”  - Rico

“Nancy and Randy are so responsive and knowledgeable… They gave me ideas for this project and for future opportunities… “- Donielle

“Randy is amazing.  He is extremely professional and a joy to work with…” Debi

“The 'energizers' of writing, Randy and Nancy, keep on delivering…”  Doug, NYC

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